Christian Wilson-Poole


Christian is a former NCAA basketball player, a self-starter, and motivated to educate others on the importance of financial health and education. He focuses on high school, college, and those in post-secondary learning/training environments. He has been working in the accounting field since he was 15 years old. Christian is a 2021 graduate of MSU in Denver, CO and earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. He’s currently focusing on continuing his education to prepare for additional certifications, while being our lead Accountant in our Denver, Colorado office. He has found his niche in accounting by managing and servicing the accounting needs of small to medium sized companies and organizations. As a full-time accountant and entrepreneur, he believes it’s imperative to build relationships and start from the ground up, no matter your career path. He loves traveling and spending time with his family and friends! Sharing his financial knowledge with the next generation is critical to the success of others! In February 2022, Christian was recognized as the NextGen in Accounting 2022 in the Birmingham Business Journal.