Save Paper

Every year, millions of trees worth of paper is wastefully discarded. Printing has its place, but there are also many financial and environmental advantages to going paperless.

Save Money

Competitive prices mean you have more money left over to spend on your family or invest in your business.

Save Time

Why spend your time reinventing the wheel when you have many years of expertise readily available to take something off your plate? Tax laws are always changing and you have other things to do.


Here at Relay Accounting Management (RAM), we focus on building relationships with entrepreneurs and small businesses, offering virtual CFO services, business consulting, and accounting management services such as financial forecasting and projections, bookkeeping, payroll management, notary services, tax preparation and payment services. We can also teach and develop your internal personnel on how to utilize accounting software for bookkeeping, payroll processing, and tax filing. We are accountants who help our clients turn their ideas into reality.

We give the highest degree of accounting and bookkeeping skills as well as access to cutting-edge technology at our accounting business. Even ordinary accounting and bookkeeping operations, we feel, need particular attention. Our goal is to relieve the load of key non-core operations by virtualizing them and making them more effective, productive, and lucrative. We recognize that outsourcing is a vital business decision that may mean the difference between your company disengaging and realizing the next level in business via financial estimates and forecasts that allow management to focus more on their procedures and operations. You may rest certain that our experienced staff of accountants and bookkeepers has enough knowledge and exposure to handle outsourced accounting, bookkeeping, and tax return preparation.

Working with clients that respect our expert guidance has led to our success and development. The professional growth and development of RAM team members is a fundamental core value. The RAM Team, the middle market’s trusted business adviser, is dedicated to innovative and creative solutions, fulfilling partnerships, and our team members’ professional and personal development.

Our ability to handle your account virtually extends to any company location. Our staff is simply a phone call or a click away, thanks to our industry-leading technology and solutions for securely transmitting private information. Allow our staff to keep you in good financial shape!


Our team is extremely committed to our goal to maintain the highest ethical standards and to carry out our accounting responsibilities with diligence, commitment and competence.

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